Volvo introduces new five-pot diesel, upgrades T6 engine.

Volvo has a new 2.0-litre five cylinder diesel powerplant for model year 2011. The 2.0D unit is new for the XC60 and XC70 and replaces the longstanding four-cylinder 134 bhp unit in the C30, S40, V50, C70, V70 and S80. In essence, the new diesel is based on the familiar 2.4-litre D5, but with reduced displacement from a shorter stroke for better fuel consumption. There are also piezo-electric fuel injectors for more efficient combustion. Available in various states of tune, the 2.0D can be had with a six-speed auto or manual.

As part of Volvo’s new engine nomenclature, all new engines will be badged based on power output. For example, the 148 bhp/350 Nm 2.0D in the C30, S40, V50 and C70 is named D3 while an uprated 175 bhp/400 Nm version of the same engine is labeled D4. In bigger cars like the S80, V70, XC70 and XC60 the 2.0D makes 161 bhp/400 Nm and is badged D3. The same format applies to the petrols, but with T instead of D.

Speaking of petrols, The T6 six-cylinder engine now offers 19 bhp and 40 Nm extra to make 304 bhp/440 Nm thanks to “reduction in internal friction”. Emissions have also been reduced.


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